Bucket Hats, a fashionable headdress for the cool kids, literally. It is a hat mostly made with cotton, nylon, wool(crochet) and even denim. It has an outer and inner part and can be made with two different fabric on those parts; so that it can be worn whichever way you like. That adds to the fun.

It was originally called the Fisherman Hat, and it has been in vogue since the 1900s. Its features are a rope, brim and crown, and is foldable. This outdoor hat protects the head and face from sun, rain and provides warmth; as the case may be.

The options of pairing this trendy headdress with clothing are endless. Whether it is paired with dresses, wide- legged pants, tees -it doesn’t matter what- you are good to go. Or maybe you are having a bad hair day, bucket hats will definitely come to the rescue.

This hat is also symbolic to rap music and hip hop, as OGs in this area wear them to make a fashion statement; that this is one of the coolest hats ever!.


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