About Us

Plug Pandas is an ecommerce driven platform offering print-on-demand solution that aims at producing, branding and delivering premium & sustainable wears in record time by using cutting-edge printing techniques to achieve remarkable results while maintaining economic rational in pricing.


Our platform is integrated with the most advanced  and yet user-friendly designer tool which contains a vast catalog of unique vector shapes, clip arts and font styles to help our customers create in real time amazing designs to be printed on products they intend to purchase such as T-shirts or any other apparel type available on our inventory before completing their orders.
Users can also upload pre-designed graphics to be printed on different apparel type of all colors and sizes, this option is most suitable for music bands/artists hoping to create clothing merch for concerts or school departmental wears used in excursions and awareness week.
Customers using the Plugpandas site/app also get access to shop from a wide variety of high grade trendy products and ready-made premium wears  ranging from custom tees, sweatshirts, designer hoodies, football club jerseys, and clothing accessories.

Our Goals

In the words of Pablo Picasso, “every child is an artist but the problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up”. 
The above quote is the inspiration that form the basic foundation of our core values launching us on a mission to be the creative canvas that gives back the freedom of expression to all our users with genuine interest to make unique fashion statement anywhere they go.
At Plug Pandas we introduce users to our own in-house custom collections produced through collaborations with professional designers/creators. In the near future we also hope to implement a framework that give users with a good enough knowledge of graphic design a chance to monetize their talent by designing and selling their creation directly on our platform to reach a wider audience.

The Company

Our team operate as a well oiled machine working with a purpose that leans towards customer experience and satisfaction compelling us to structure our customer support and live chat services to engage customers in resolving issues thereby making product creation and shopping process more seamless. Our aim is to establish an open culture of communication and feedback from customers to guide our product development and innovation.
As an ecommerce and printing solution start-up, we strongly believe transparency, accountability, reliable delivery and hassle-free return policies are building blocks in achieving trust in ecommerce as the future of shopping or any other internet based business model in general.