Itty-Bitty Waist!!

CORSET is one fashion outfit that has been worn for ages!!!!, since the BCs actually. They became quite popular and trendy in 1600s and 1700s; and was worn to big events: balls, gala’s, you name it!!.

This is a close-fitting garment, worn as an inner or outer clothing. It was made to give women an hour glass figure, by making the waist slimmer.

In my opinion, this fashion apparel is so sexy. It accentuates the hips; making them look larger, emphasizes the chest, it also maintain an upright posture because it prevents slouching.

Pretty actually hurts, as it’s popularity started to wane when it adverse effects became obvious. Most women started having health related issues because of it, because as the corset compresses the body, the organs in that particular area could be deformed because of pressure. It was also  making sitting and moving around a hard task.

But from the 1900s to date, this garment has came back in full force!; and has now evolved into shapewears and waist trainers all still in the shape of corsets. Some lingerie are even in the forms of corsets. Almost everyone now wants to own one, be it as a top, gown, whatever!…. we are just loving it.

I think this fashion outfit is going to stay for a while.. and trust Nigerians to always make everything about them; now almost all our wedding Asoebi  is now made as a corset.


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